Fees and Payment

Your application for the retreat is considered once the application form and the other necessary documents have been received. We then undertake a formal selection process.

Successful applicants will be asked for the full payment in order to confirm their place. Since this trip is heavily subsidised any candidates who withdraws after flights and accommodations have been booked will not be refunded and can face a fee of up to £500 or €500 for UK and EU candidates or $1000 for North American candidates in order to cover the losses incurred by The Mainstay Foundation and The World Federation. If the participant cannot attend for medical reasons, they must submit medical proof to The Mainstay Foundation and The World Federation; in such circumstances, no penalty fee will be applied and no refund will be given either.

We reserve the right to alter course dates and locations where necessary without liability. We will endeavour to give the participant as much advance notice as possible of any such change. If a participant is unable to attend the retreat at a revised date or location, we will refund the full payment. In the event the retreat is cancelled by us and we are unable to provide an alternative retreat, we will refund the retreat fees in full.

The course fee does not include the following:

  • Transportation to and from the home city airport
  • Pocket money and souvenirs
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical expenses
  • Shopping
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off outside the stated course timeframes and locations

Accessibility and Special Dietary and Medical Requirements

Applicants must indicate on the application form if they have accessibility or special dietary or medical requirements. We will strive to arrange for special meals; however, alternatives will not always be available and so participants should bring some of their own food as backup.

Participants will be responsible for bringing their own medication for allergies or other medical conditions.


In case of injury or accident during the course, the participant will be taken to a hospital.  If their health is determined to be serious, or such that in the view of the organisers they will be unable to continue the retreat, the participant will be sent back home.

Travel Insurance

We advise that you obtain travel insurance with health cover that covers you for the entire duration of the trip.

Consult your doctor about your travel plans to get advice for any pre-existing medical conditions, vaccination, prescribed medication, etc.


The Mainstay Foundation and The World Federation does not accept responsibility for attendees’ personal belongings or valuables. We advise you don’t bring valuables with you.

Internal Transportation

The mode of internal transportation is solely at the discretion of the organisers.

Communication Policy

Meeting with friends and relatives in Iraq is not allowed.

Disciplinary Action

The Mainstay Foundation and The World Federation reserves the right to remove any participant from the retreat should their behaviour be deemed inappropriate. In such an event, no refund of retreat fees or other costs will be made and penalty will apply to cover the losses incurred by The Mainstay Foundation and The World Federation of up to £500, €500 or $1000.

Breach of any of these terms and conditions will lead to action being taken by the organisers. This action could be:

  • Verbal warning
  • Penalisation (imposed at the discretion of the organisers)
  • Expulsion from the retreat

In case of expulsion from the retreat, the return expenses are to be borne by the participant.

Behaviour and Attitude

The behaviour and attitude that is expected from participants is summarised as follows:

  1. Observing the laws of Islam
  2. Observing the laws and customs of Iraq
  3. Observing the rules and regulations of the retreat
  4. Being willing to learn and improve spiritually, educationally, and personally
  5. Striving to be a model for others
  6. Being patient with the organisers and volunteers
  7. Taking a keen part in all programmes, including asking questions and taking notes
  8. Being punctual at all times.
  9. Not leaving the premises or any activity without permission.

Dress Code

Participants must dress modestly in accordance with Islamic law and maintain a smart and respectful appearance. Tight- fitting clothes, shorts, and sleeveless vests/tops are not permitted.

Media Consent

During the trip we will take photographs and videos. We may use the images and video footage on our website and social media for reporting and promotional purposes. The photographs and videos taken by the organisers may also be shared with the regional partners and other entities.