The Muslim Convention’s aim is to provide a networking platform for Shia Muslims in order to promote their spiritual, educational, social and economic well-being.


Welcome to the annual Muslim Convention – a haven of enlightenment and unity. In a world grappling with challenges, this year’s theme, “Lady Zainab: The Epitome of Strength“, takes centre stage. As we delve into the remarkable resilience of Lady Zainab, we are reminded of the unwavering hope and fortitude she embodied.

This year, our convention also shines a light on the theme of family, underscoring the vital role it plays in nurturing strength and faith. Join us to explore these themes, draw inspiration, and strengthen your faith within a community united by shared beliefs. Together, we foster hope and inner strength, shaping a brighter tomorrow through the lessons of Lady Zainab and the power of family bonds. The Muslim Convention: where faith magnifies unity and inspires a brighter future.







Sayyid Dr. Muhammad Ali Bahr Al-Ulum

Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali

Shaykh Mohammed Al-Saadi

Shaykh Dr. Usama Al-Atar

Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli

Shaykh Nuru Mohammed

The Kids zone is a competitive programme designed for youngsters aged 6-15, filled with fun physical activities including tennis, archery and basketball, inflatable assault courses and more. Children will also part take in an interactive Islamic session to help them connect to the religion and uplift and enhance their Islamic morals and values.

Creche will be available for children aged 2-5. 



Showcasing over 50 diverse stalls, including a lively food court, and a dynamic mix of small businesses, charities, and organisations

Our marketplace stands as a beacon of trade and togetherness, showcasing an array of products and services while fostering meaningful interactions with attendees. From artisan crafts and international delicacies to benevolent initiatives and innovative ventures, we welcome you to embrace the essence of entrepreneurship, unity, and cooperation.



With: Shaykh Mohammed Al-Saadi, Sr. Isra Altayar, Dr. Mahmood Mawjee, and Br. Neil Nasser.

How can we achieve harmony between faith, work, and family, while being grounded in the enriching wisdom from the Ahlulbayt (AS). This session is a guide to prioritising and building resilience across life’s essential elements by offering practical strategies.

With: Shaykh Dr. Usama Al-Atar, Sr. Azra Hassanali, Sr. Zahira Mamdani, and Br. Mohamed Jawad Gulamhussein (Facilitator).

A crucial workshop that addresses the growing challenges of the family unit. Discover effective methods rooted in Islamic principles to fortify and strengthen the family in today’s world. Gain insights into preserving the cherished values of family life against external pressures.

With: Shaykh Nuru Mohammed, Dr. Murteza Naqvi, Br. Zabair Hussain, and Br. Muhammad Alobaidi (Facilitator).

Explore a distinctive perspective on managing stress through both psychological insights and Islamic teachings. This workshop offers unique perspective to shield your loved ones from the impact of your stress.

With: Dr. Ahab, Br. Jalal Moughania, Br. Rauf Shokoya, and Br. Zuryaab Syed (Facilitator).

The word masculinity has been thrown around recently, some using it to push a toxic perspective which is polluting the minds of young people while others completely disregard it. What does Islam say about Masculinity and how can we better understand what it means. We explore historical examples as well as traditions from the Ahlulbayt (as) to gain a better oversight.

With: Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli, Br. Abbas Merali, Sr. Shaheen Merali, and Sr. Wessen Al-Shamary (Facilitator).
Explore the deep significance of fostering love and sustaining a harmonious relationship within a marriage from an Islamic perspective. This workshop provides valuable tips and insights to cultivate enduring happiness and unity between partners. Join us to fortify the lifelong bond of matrimony, ensuring a fulfilling and balanced marital life.

With: Sayyid Ali Khalkhali, Sr. Zahra Al-Alawi, and Sr. Zainab Al-Shalchi (Facilitator).

Join us for a compassionate workshop led by professionals, designed to support those navigating the challenging journey of grief and loss. Gain valuable insights and skills to cope with your own grief or provide crucial assistance to others in their healing process. Together, we find strength in our shared experiences.

With: Mulla Ali Fadhil

A step by step guide into recitations led by Mulla Ali Fadhil, covering an array of topics in the field of Islamic recitation, from Islamic poetry, narrations, poetry, delivery, melody, stage presence and more.


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In today’s world, we understand the immense challenges people face. Poverty, famine, and wars of all sorts. The reality is humanity is not alone. Beyond the hopes of a savior to fill the earth with equity and justice, Imam Mahdi lives amongst us and sustains us in the darkest times – just as the sun radiates even behind the clouds. Learn more about Imam Mahdi at the Muslim Convention by watching the recap from 2022, and see how he is truly our Living Hope.



The Muslim Convention is a platform to engage in and discuss topics relating to the religion of Islam in various subjects, including but not restricted to religion, economics, ethics and social issues.

The Muslim Convention provides you with an opportunity to meet and network with Shia Muslims from all over the UK at an exciting annual flagship event. 

The theme for this year is “Lady Zainab: The Epitome of Strength” The main sessions will aim to shed light on topics regarding the family unit. Alongside this, the seminars and workshops will give you the opportunity to explore specific topics under this theme or learn new skills.

We are excited to present an array of workshops this year:

– Understanding Companionship and Marriage
– How to Raise God Fearing Children
– Overcoming Rising Attacks on Family
– Protecting Your Loved Ones From Your Stress
– Islamic Masculinity
– The Importance of Intimacy in a Marriage
– Loss of a Loved One: Dealing With Grief and Bereavement

The Muslim Convention will be held at the Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, CV6 6AQ.

Certainly. Coventry offers a range of hotels close to the Coventry Building Society Arena, See below (click):

1. DoubleTree by Hilton Coventry Building Society Arena

2. Novotel Coventry

The venue is a 5-minute walk from Coventry Arena Train Station, CV6 6AS.

Information coming soon.

Yes.  A specially catered lunch with a delicious menu lined up will be served. Food will also be available to purchase throughout the day in our food court.  

Yes. We have a range of activities for various age groups:

  • Creche: for ages 2-5
  • Kids Zone programme: for ages 6-15
  • Youth programme: 16-17



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